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Staying Steady: Preventing Falls at Home for Seniors

The risk of falling as we reach old age becomes increasingly prevalent. Falls can lead to severe injuries, such as fractures, and have long-lasting effects on our health. For seniors, falls are a significant concern. Taking the necessary precautions to prevent falls and staying safe at home is essential. Fortunately, there are steps seniors can take to prevent falls at home.

From simple modifications to seeking outside assistance, the following tips from our non-medical home care in Aberdeen, Maryland, can help seniors stay steady and safe:

  • Keep your home free of clutter and obstacles

    One effective way to avoid falls is to remove anything that may trip you up. It is essential to maintain a clutter-free and organized living space.

    With our homemaking in Maryland, we help seniors eliminate tripping hazards and improve mobility by reducing clutter and maintaining a tidy home.
  • Regularly exercise

    It doesn’t have to be high-impact; simple activities such as walking and stretching can improve balance and coordination. In addition to physical exercise, pain management strategies can help reduce fall risk.

    By managing chronic pain, seniors can move more comfortably and confidently, reducing the risk of falls caused by discomfort or limited mobility.
  • Seek assistance when going outside Transportation can also play a role in fall prevention. At Agape Love Home Care, we accompany seniors to medical appointments and social events, reducing the need to navigate unfamiliar environments independently. It can also help seniors maintain a sense of independence while reducing the risk of falls.

For seniors who require more intensive care, our skilled nursing in Maryland can provide specialized services to address medical and mobility needs.

Call us today if you or a loved one needs reliable, compassionate care.

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