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Providing Proper Ostomy Care at Home

Ostomy care needs proper handling at home. Good care can make living with a stoma easier. You and your family members can learn to take care of your ostomy. Some caregivers providing home care services in Aberdeen, Maryland can give proper ostomy care through the following:

  • Stoma cleaning and skin care
    Gently clean the skin around the stoma with warm water and mild, pH-balanced soap, pat it dry gently, check for skin irritation, and apply protective barrier products. Apply pain management as needed.
  • Ostomy appliance management
    Follow the recommended schedule for changing the ostomy pouching system, ensure a secure fit to prevent leaks, empty the pouch when necessary, and dispose of used pouches hygienically.
  • Diet and hydration
    Encourage a balanced diet, maintain proper hydration, and be aware of any foods that may affect stoma output. Meal preparation and planning can be helpful.
  • Stoma and pouch inspection
    Providers of skilled nursing in Maryland can regularly check the stoma for changes, inspect the pouch for damage or leakage, and report any concerns or changes to healthcare professionals promptly.

Caregivers should receive proper training and education from healthcare professionals to ensure they can provide effective ostomy care tailored to the individual’s specific needs. Open communication with healthcare providers is crucial to maintaining proper ostomy care at home. We at Agape Love Home Care can educate our clients and their loved ones on the best thing to do to handle ostomy care at home.

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